Grounding for Sustainability: Grow’s Commitment to Reducing Air Miles

By Supplyant

Grow shoes are made with a transparent supply chain, which is ethical and sustainable from its core. We prioritise limiting our carbon footprint; that’s why: Grow shoes are European-sourced for European consumption. We save over 14,000 air miles per pair of shoes compared to other established school shoe suppliers. Our materials are made in Spain, and the shoes are made in Portugal. Our entire supply chain is within only 1,500 miles! By limiting our air miles, we can restrict our carbon footprint and help slow the pace of climate change. We guarantee any Grow footprints will only be temporary.

We want to break the mould - not the world!

Aviation has significant negative environmental impacts that contribute to climate change. Aeroplanes burn fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which contribute to the greenhouse effect, trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming. Further, nitrogen oxides contribute to the formation of the ozone layer in the lower atmosphere. The ozone acts as a potent greenhouse gas and air pollutant. The emissions from air travel have a higher warming effect compared to those released at ground level due to the high altitudes. Therefore, we must work together to limit greenhouse gas emissions by restricting air miles.

This year Grow’s mission is to save over 5,000 tonnes of CO2

We uphold our commitment to sustainability by sourcing our materials and manufacturing our shoes locally. We have streamlined our supply chain to minimise the transportation distance. By reducing the distance that materials and products need to travel, we significantly decrease the carbon emissions associated with transportation. 

We are fighting for the people of the future, one shoe at a time. 

Aviation requires large amounts of energy to propel and fuel aeroplanes. This energy is created by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources, such as coal, oil and natural gas, that are extracted from the earth. By reducing air miles, we can lower the overall energy demand associated with aviation. This reduction in energy consumption helps conserve natural resources and reduces reliance on fossil fuels - which are finite and contribute to environmental degradation.

Simply put: traditional shoe suppliers don’t care enough. Their current school shoe supply chain uses materials and manufacturers from all over the world. The leather comes from places such as Latin America, where cows are bred for slaughter; the leather is then shipped to South East Asia, where it is cheaply made into shoes. And then, the shoes are transported to the UK, ready to be sent out for delivery. Consider the air miles... Consider the direct greenhouse gas impact... The whole process is a journey of over 22,000 air miles. The cost to the environment for the production of traditional animal leather shoes is just too great. 

At Grow, we have a 1500-mile manufacturing promise, so unlike other brands, there is no pristine environmental destruction. Further, we strengthen local economies by collaborating with local suppliers to produce 21st-century school shoes for the people of the future. 

By prioritising local sourcing and manufacturing, efficient distribution, and embracing sustainable practices throughout our supply chain, Grow remains dedicated to reducing air miles compared to traditional shoe suppliers. We believe that by minimising our carbon footprint, we can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for our planet and the communities we serve. 

Look closely: our shoes are green! And green is the new black. 

Demand a reduction in air miles! Believe in better for your rising star. Because we do.