Our Mission

Thank you for being here. Your support and belief is precious, and we are truly grateful you stopped by. GROW is both a brand and a company, and by way of an introduction we would like to share with you the values and mission that we focus on every day.

1. Smart Design

We create and will therefore be defined by our products, so our products must be the very best available. Good design is about being truly fit for purpose. Excellence is a journey not a destination, however many moulds we break and myths we bust, when it comes to our products we will always be in pursuit of excellence.

2. Find a Clean, Green Path

Accept that the standard path of industrialisation is often harmful to the environment. Challenge it and take the hard route to find a cleaner way. We believe if we are not proud of our actions then we shouldn't be doing them, it is our duty to find a clean, green path forward and our legacy to create and promote post industrialised supply chains that work in a sustainable synchronicity along with the health of the planet.

3. For the People

Business can and should be a force for good, this births two rights. Right because it means our business is easy to believe in and this will build loyalty both internally and externally. Right because businesses can be there to make a positive contribution to culture and society and this will lead to positive change. Let’s put stakeholders before shareholders, and believe that doing what’s good is good for business.

4. You do You

Our brand will always be positive in representation and balanced in inclusivity. We deliberately avoid and will never include or advocate for old fashioned stereotypes or antiquated conventions in any form. However people see themselves and want to be represented , we believe that everybody has a right to express in peace and harmony.

To get in touch with us, please email us at theteam@growbrand.co.uk we would love to hear from you.