Please see our handy Grow Measuring Guide to accurately measure your shoes!

Our materials are quite amazing, European sourced microfibre giving incredible technical performance. It is far more abrasion resistant than leather, which means that the shoes stay looking good for longer, they won’t scuff or get out of shape like normal kids leather shoes, our materials are even resistant to harmful chemicals. Also microfibre have a far superior level of breathability, six times more than leather, this means that the feet have fresh air all around them, so they don’t get hot and sticky, creating a more healthy environment for better foot health.

On the subject of the foot environments, all the upper and lining materials in Grow shoes are treated to make them antibacterial, meaning there is no bacterial build-up inside the shoe, again this helps create a super healthy environment for growing feet. Also the materials we use are waterproof, keeping the foot free from damp on the inside.

Clean by wiping with a sponge and warm water! There is no need for all that polishing and brushing any more. Grow shoes have antibacterial outer and inner linings, which means there is no bacterial build-up inside the shoe.

Yes! Our materials and accredited to Oeco-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 which gives an independent seal of approval that the materials have passed stringent controls and been declared free of agents harmful to the environment. View our blog post which goes into more detail.

We are so sorry to hear that. Please email us at theteam@growbrand.co.uk