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This Privacy Policy was last changed 20 September 2021.

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"Grow" (including is a trading division of Grow Brand Limited.

Grow Brand Limited's registered office is 2nd Floor Dagnall House, Lower Dagnall Street, St Albans, Herts, AL3 4PA (“us”, “we”, “our”). Registered number 13120201.

This policy describes our practices when using personal information of:

  • our website ( users and online customers;
  • other individuals, including the staff of our business customers and suppliers ("business contacts").

This policy will apply whether you have provided the information directly to us or we have obtained it from a different source, such as a third party.

We respect your privacy and we value the trust you've placed in us by sharing your information. This privacy policy sets out the way we use your information:

  • what we collect;
  • how we collect it;
  • how we use it;
  • why we use it;
  • who we share it with; and
  • the rights to which you may be entitled.

If you have any questions or anything in this policy is unclear, please get in touch at the following email address:



We will collect and use your personal information for purposes set out in more detail in this section.

Certain types of personal information are more sensitive than others. "Special information" about you includes information about health, disability, race, ethnicity, criminal offences (or alleged offences), political opinions, biometrics or religion. We may collect and receive special information about you. We have identified below the types of special information we may collect or receive, how we will use it and why we will use it.

Your information may be shared with members of our group and some third parties as is set out in more detail below.


What we collect

How we use your data




Information that you give us to make a purchase, including:

●      Your contact details including: your name, address, email address;

●      The details you provide to open an online account with us;

●      The product / service purchased; and

●      Your payment details.

We use this information, including to :

●      Provide our products and services;

●      Manage and administer our services;

●      Process your order;

●      Take payment from or give you a refund;

●      On-board you as a customer;

●      Help us ensure that our customers are genuine and to prevent fraud;

●      Send personalised offers or shopping ideas which are based on your shopping habits; and

●      Provide an electronic copy of your order and/or receipt.

●      Ask for feedback on your recent purchase(s), via a third party.


Information about the way you use our services including:

●      The things that we've provided or you've purchased;

●      When and where you've made the purchases;

●      What you paid and how;

●      Whether you've opened electronic communications from us;

●      Whether you've clicked on links in electronic communications from us; and

●      Your marketing preferences;

●      Your use of our services and participation in our events.

We use this information, including to:

●      Develop new services based on what we learn from your activity and the activity of other customers;

●      Improve our services and efficiency of service delivery to help us meet your needs and expectations;

●      Identify products, marketing and events that may be of interest to you;

●      Personalise our service to you: to provide you with, make available, and show you more of the things which interest you, based on your activity and feedback; and

●      Statistical analysis and research with the purpose of allowing us to better understand the breakdown of our customers, the products / services being bought, the demographics of those buying our products and services, what attracts our customers to our products and services, where our customers have come from online (such as from links on other websites or advertising banners), and the way in which our website is used by different users groups.


Information when you communicate with us whether in person, through our website or via email, over the phone, through social media or via any other medium, including:

●      Your contact details (this may include your social media account if that's the way you communicate with us);

●      The details of your communications with us (including when you sent it, when we received it and where you sent it from (such as our website, via email, through social media));

●      The details of our messages to you.

We use this information, including to:

●      Answer any issues or concerns;

●      Monitor customer communications for quality and training purposes.

●      Develop new services which is based on the information you provide;

●      Improve our services based on the information and feedback you provide and the information and feedback provided by others which is similar to your information and feedback;

●      Personalise our service to you to take account of the information and feedback you have provided.


Information provided as part of your account including:

●      Your username;

●      Your password;

●      Your account settings;

●      Your account preferences;

●      Your email address; and

●      Your marketing preferences.

We use this information, including to:

●      Provide our services;

●      Manage and administer our systems;

●      Identify how you'd like to use your account;

●      To communicate with you regarding your account and our services.


Information that we collect through your use of our website including:

●      Device information such as operating system, unique device identifiers, the mobile network system;

●      Hardware and browser settings;

●      Date and time of requests;

●      The requests you make;

●      The pages you visit and search engine terms you use;

●      IP address.

We use this information, including to:

●      Provide and adapt our services to take account of the technical capabilities of our users;

●      Develop new services based on the information being collected, the behaviours of our users and the technical capabilities of our users;

●      Improve our services to better suit the behaviours and technical capabilities of the users of our service;

●      Identify issues with the website and user's experience of it;

●      Monitor the way our website is used (including locations it is accessed from, devices it is accessed from, understanding peak usage times and analysing what functionality and information is most and least accessed).


Information that we collect from third party partners, corporate customers which includes:

●      Payment processing companies;

●      Your bank;

●      Other entities in our group;

●      Data brokers;

●      Publicly available sources such as the electoral roll;

●      Other members of a loyalty scheme.

We use this information, including to:

●      Provide our services;

●      Manage and administer our systems;

●      Take payment from or give you a refund;

●      Help us ensure that our customers are genuine and to prevent fraud;

●      Personalise our service to you by complementing your behaviours and preferences;

●      Statistical analysis and research into our customer so that we can better understand our customers and allow us to develop and improve our services to meet the needs and preferences of our customers; and

●      Combine this information with other types of information mentioned above to create a holistic profile of our customers which allows us to make our services more personal and tailored to each customer's preferences and habits.


Information that we collect incidentally from other sources or public sources, including:

●      Information available in the media;

●      Information presented on our social media or wider social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;

●      Information collected by security systems.

We use this information, including to:

●      Maintain market awareness;

●      Build and maintain social media branding;

●      Provide security to our sites.

●      To keep our stores safe and secure.

●      To prevent and detect fraud and crime.


Information that we collect about our business contacts:

●      Name and title, contact details, company name, business title, email address;

●      Where the business contacts have online accounts, log-in and similar credentials and information about use of these services;

●      Communications with our business contacts.

We use personal information about our business contacts to:

●      Facilitate the smooth running of the business through communications with corporate customers and suppliers, for example, to communicate about the goods and services we receive from suppliers;

●      enable business contacts to access their online accounts;

●      invite our business contacts to events and exhibitions;

●      carry out internal analysis and research to help us improve our services;

●      send marketing communications to business contacts regarding our services and products which may be of interest to our corporate customers and to promote our business and brand;

●      Build relationships with other organisations;

●      Provide marketing communications to these individuals;

●      Improve our services and develop new services based on the preferences and behaviours of these individuals.


Special Categories of Information that you give us or that we receive where we have your consent.

As explained below, we will use this information only if we have your explicit consent. When collecting your explicit consent, we will explain how we will use your data.


Sometimes we need to collect certain types of information for compliance with legal requirements. If this information is not provided we cannot agree to provide a product or service for you.

Your personal information may also be processed if it is necessary on reasonable request by a law enforcement or regulatory authority, body or agency or in the defence of legal claims. We will not delete personal information if relevant to an investigation or a dispute. It will continue to be stored until those issues are fully resolved.


We collect and use your information (as detailed above) for a variety of reasons.

We need some information to enter into and perform our contract with you – for example your contact details, payment details and details relating to the product / service you have purchased from us.

Some information processing is required by law or in the public interest such as making sure we verify our customers' identities.

Some information is processed because you've given your consent to that, which can be withdrawn by you at any time by contacting us at For example, we will only collect and process your special categories of information where we have obtained your prior explicit consent.

Other information we collect because we have legitimate business interests. In particular, we have a legitimate business interest to use your information in:

  • Understanding how our customers use our products, services and websites;
  • Understanding and responding to customer feedback;
  • Researching and analysing the services our customers want;
  • Improving our services;
  • Receiving information from other entities in our group about shared customers;
  • Understanding the type of products and services our customers buy and how they use them;
  • Personalise our offers so we're better able to provide offers and ideas that are relevant to you;
  • Maintaining a public profile on both traditional and social media;
  • Providing security over our business and who we trade with;
  • Running surveys and competitions;
  • Preventing and detecting fraud and crime
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with vendors, partners and other companies and dealing with individuals who work for them.


We will keep your information for as long as it is reasonably necessary. It will depend on factors such as whether you've any outstanding purchases or an account with us or have interacted with recent offers. We will also routinely refresh our information to ensure we keep it up-to-date.


There are certain circumstances where we transfer your personal data to employees, contractors and to other parties.

  • We share information about you with other members of our group of companies so we can provide the best service across our group. They are bound to keep and use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • We also share your information with certain contractors or service providers. They may process your personal data for us, for example, if we use a marketing agency. Other recipients / service providers include advertising agencies, IT specialists, providers of cloud services, third party payment processors, delivery drivers, social media platforms, database providers, backup and disaster recovery specialists, email providers or outsourced call centres. Our suppliers and service providers will be required to meet our standards on processing information and security. The information we provide them, including your information, will only be provided in connection with the performance of their function. They will not use your information for any purposes other than those outlined in this Privacy Policy.
  • We also share your information with certain third parties. We will do this either when we receive your consent or because we need them to see your information to provide products or services to you. These include credit reference agencies, anti-fraud databases, screening agencies and other partners we do business with such as other loyalty scheme members. If we are not able to share information with certain third party partners who are also in our loyalty scheme, we will not be able to offer that service.
  • We also partner with third parties to collect impartial product reviews from customers who purchase our products from this website. These third parties may contact you via email on our behalf in order to give you an opportunity to review your purchase. These third parties will not use your personal information for any purpose other than to invite you to write a review and will handle your information securely. If you do not wish to receive further emails from these parties please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Your personal information may be transferred to other third party organisations in certain scenarios:

  • If we're discussing selling or transferring part or all of our business – the information may be transferred to prospective purchasers under suitable terms as to confidentiality;
  • If we are reorganised or sold, information may be transferred to a buyer who can continue to provide services to you;
  • If we're required to by law, or under any regulatory code or practice we follow, or if we are asked by any public or regulatory authority – for example the Police;
  • If we are defending a legal claim your information may be transferred as required in connection with defending such claim.

Your personal data may be shared if it is made anonymous and aggregated, as in such circumstances the information will cease to be personal data.


When we share your information, your information may be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

We may, directly or indirectly through third-party entities around the world, process, store, and transfer all of the information you provide, including your personal information, as described in this Privacy Policy. Your personal data will be processed in the United Kingdom and/or in other states of the European Economic Area (EEA). From time to time we may also transfer your personal data to countries outside the EEA which do not offer data protection standards comparable to those within the EEA. If we transfer your personal data to a country outside the EEA we shall do so in full compliance with applicable data protection law.

We will only transfer data to jurisdictions outside the scope of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where the appropriate safeguards set out in the GDPR are in place, in particular the use of Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission in the form set out in the Annex to Commission Decision 2010/87/EU or a valid Privacy Shield certification.

We are happy to provide you with copies of the regulator-approved Standard Contractual Clauses, which you can request from us at


You have certain rights in relation to your information. The availability of these rights and the ways in which you can use them are set out below in more detail.

We've listed the rights you have over your information and how you can use them below.

These rights will only apply in certain circumstances as they are limited by the relevant laws. They will generally not be available if there are outstanding contracts between us, if we are required by law to keep the information or if the information is relevant to a legal dispute.

  • You can remove consent, where you have provided it, at any time.
  • You can ask us to confirm if we are processing your information.
  • You can ask for access to your information.
  • You can ask to correct your information if it's wrong.
  • You can ask us to delete your information.

You have a right to be forgotten and you can ask that our systems stop using your information.

  • You can ask us to restrict how we use your information.
  • You can ask us to help you move your information to other companies.

To help with that, you have a right to ask that we provide your information in an easily readable format to another company.

  • You can ask us to stop using your personal information, but only in certain cases.
  • You have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State in the European Union where you are habitually resident, where you work or where an alleged infringement of data protection laws has taken place.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact us at:


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We are committed to keeping your personal information safe. We've got physical, technical and administrative measures in place to prevent unauthorised access or use of your information.


Our website, newsletters, email updates and other communications may, from time to time, contain links to and from the websites of others including our partner networks, advertisers and other group companies and/or social networks as offered to you and supported by your browser.

The personal data that you provide through these websites is not subject to this Privacy Policy and the treatment of your personal data by such websites is not our responsibility. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies which will set out how your information is collected and processed when visiting those links. For more information about the purpose and scope of data collection and processing in connection with social sharing features, please visit the privacy policies of entities through which you chose to share.


We do not knowingly collect information from children or other persons who are under 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, you may not submit any personal information to us or subscribe for the services. If you believe we might have any personal information from or about a person under the age of 18, please contact us at


This policy will be changed from time to time.

If we change anything important about this policy (the information we collect, how we use it or why) we will highlight those changes at the top of the policy and provide a prominent link to it for a reasonable length of time following the change. We will also notify you in advance of the changes taking effect so that you understand what impact our changes may have on you.

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