Our Affiliate Program

GROW is looking to work with YOU!

Our affiliate program gives you the chance to be an ambassador of our mission: To change the world for the better by changing the school shoe industry.

Interested? Contact us on theteam@growbrand.co.uk or DM us on Instagram @thegrowbrand

Want to know more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

1. What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows one website to refer visitors to another website that is selling a product and get credit for any product that is purchased on that website from the referred visitors. So, in the case of our affiliate program, you link to our website from your social posts, and we pay you a commission from each sale from the visitors you send us! 

2. How do I sign up?

Reach out to us on Instagram (@thegrowbrand) or via email (theteam@growbrand.co.uk) to register your interest. We will check out your socials and send you an application form link to apply to be part of our program. Simply fill out the application form, and you will receive an e-mail notification with your login information. Once you have that email, you can log in and start creating links, and using our other content and tools to start earning money selling our products. 

3. How much do you pay in commissions? 

Grow Brand pays a base 15% of the sale amount from each customer referred to our site from your link.

4. How often do you pay your affiliates? 

Commissions become available for payment once the total earned reaches £50.  Payments are made via PayPal. Payment requests can be made by sending an email to theteam@growbrand.co.uk

5. What sort of tools do you provide to your affiliates? 

You must purchase your own Grow shoes to create your own social posts and share your affiliate link. We have copy, logos, and images available in our affiliate toolkit.

6. How do I link to your site once I'm an affiliate?

After you sign up and are accepted, you will be able to log in and see examples of how to link to us.

7. Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

No, it's a free program. 

8. Do you pay commissions on all of your products?

We pay a commission on every sale from our website.

9. How do I check my statistics to see how I am doing? 

After you have been accepted into the program, you will be able to log in to your Affiliate account and see your sales and commission results. You can also choose to receive e-mail reports for each sale made. 

10. Can I use content from your site?

Please use your own images! We truly want you to post your own experiences with our shoes - if you feel that we are missing anything in our toolkit, please let us know at theteam@growbrand.co.uk

11. Can I join your affiliate program if I am outside the United Kingdom? 

No, we only trade within the UK at this time.