Conscious Footsteps: Grow’s Mission to Revolutionise British School Shoes with Sustainable, Organic Microfibres

By Supplyant

At Grow, we are often asked what our shoes are made from and why we choose to stand so proudly against the mass production of animal leather.

We believe any cost to the environment is too great. Tradition is a poor excuse for destruction. So we have revolutionised the shoe industry. 

Our shoes are made from organic microfibres - derived from plants! 

You know the parts of fruits you don’t eat - like apple cores and pineapple peels - we use them in our shoes. Organic fruit husks are the new and improved alternative to leather! 

Our organic fibres are compressed under intense pressure to create a bonded fabrication. This technique gives our shoes exceptional burst strength, making them resistant to abrasion. Long gone are the days of scuffed, torn, sweaty leather school shoes. Grow shoes ensure long-term durability for all your superstar’s adventures. 

Unlike animal leather, our organic microfibres are clean and green. The mass production of animal leather causes catastrophic harm to the environment, including (but certainly not limited to) deforestation, methane production, and soil degradation. But the production of Grow shoes actively fights for the environment - one shoe at a time. 

Here at Grow, any cost to the environment is too great. 

Plus, our shoes have six times the burst strength and three times the breathability of comparable animal leather shoes - with none of the environmental harm. 

Even our shoeboxes are recycled!

Better yet, all of our shoes are waterproof, so your superstar can splash through as many puddles as they want and will always be prepared for whatever surprises come of the great British weather. 

We use anti-bacterial linings inside and out for fresh thinking footwear! 

Grow shoes are fit for purpose. They are expertly designed for your superstars to run and jump and play, climb trees, splash in puddles, kick around a football, fall over then get back up, and even roll around on the floor. Grow shoes are made for adventure. 

All our shoes are independently accredited for safety and sustainability by shoe experts. Every pair proudly wears the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label, guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety regulations to assure your superstar can run free. 

We are proud to use innovative materials that are European sourced and ethically accredited to support sustainable, conscious fashion. Our unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly and cruelty-free footwear means together, we’re making each and every step count. 

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Grow shoes are the greenest black footwear.